Eurimages Co-production Development Award
The prestigious Eurimages Co-production Development Award was granted to the Best Film Project presented during the Market. The Award was given by European support fund Eurimages with the duel intention of supporting European youth film and to further stimulate European co-production. The winner received € 20,000.

The jury, consisting of Koji Nelissen (NL), Magalie Armand (FR) and Manolla Novelli (DE) would like to congratulate all the contestants of this year’s Cinekid co-production market. “When meeting the participants, we were bowled over by their passion for film making and urge to tell stories. Even now in these challenging times with all the problems that it has brought to our industry. Unfortunately, only one project can be the winner of the Eurimages Development Award.”

The winner of the Eurimages Development Award 2020 is:

Tiger Martindale’s Survival Experts, directed by Pavel Gumennikov and written by Ross Knight. Produced by Baltic Pine Films (LV).

Filmmore Post-Production Award
The Filmmore Post-Production Award was awarded to the best live-action project of the JCM. This prize is designed to stimulate collaboration with the Dutch Visual Effects & Post Production lab Filmmore. Granting the award, which comes with a € 5,000 prize, is an invitation to start a longer and fruitful collaboration with the company.

The winner of the Filmmore Post-Production Award 2020 is:

Tiger Martindale’s Survival Expert, directed by Pavel Gumennikov and written by Ross Knight. Produced by Baltic Pine Films (LV).

The jury, with Alexandra Cruz (DK), Hoda Elatawi (CA) and Jesper Olyve (NL) praises the team, which “so eloquently and passionately described their film through their written pitch, their in-person presentation and their  beautifully crafted trailer, that they gave the jury a clear picture of the passion, the cinematic style, and the authenticity of both the era and the experiences of the main characters… drawn from the director’s own life. We strongly believe that this great project from Latvia  will benefit immensely from this assistance and it will help them in the last leg of the journey.”

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October 23, 2020