The New Film by Varis Brasla Has Reached Nearly an Audience of 17,000

During ten days since its release, the admissions of Granddad More Dangerous than Computer, the first film from the programme Latvian Films for Latvian Centenary, has exceeded 16,000 – during the first week, August 17 – 24, the new family viewing film by Varis Brasla reached the audience of 13,222 spectators all over Latvia, joined by 3,500 more on the next weekend, totalling with 16,853 after two first weekends.

None of the newly released Latvian family viewing films has ever made such a box office success on the first week of exhibition; for seven days in August the film by Brasla ranked as the second most popular right after the American animated blockbuster The Emoji Movie.


The feature, Granddad More Dangerous than Computer, is exhibited in the film theatres in Riga (Kino Citadele, Cinamon, Multikino and Splendid Palace), Cēsis (Vidzeme Concert Hall), Daugavpils (Silver Screen), Kuldīga (Kuldīga Culture Centre), Madona (Kino Vidzeme), Rēzekne (Latgales vēstniecība GORS), Smiltene (Smiltenes kino), Valmiera (Kino Gaisma), Ventspils (Kino Rio), Sigulda (Kino Lora) and Liepāja (Kino Balle). Find more information about the film theatres and tickets at the home page of the studio F.O.R.M.A.:

Producers of the film remind that a ticket for the film Granddad More Dangerous than Computer is the best present on this year’s first school day all for the schoolchildren, their parents and grandparents.

The premiere of the film was held on 17 August.  Before the show, State President Raimonds Vējonis congratulated the director Varis Brasla, scriptwriter Alvis Lapiņš, producer Gatis Upmalis and the film crew by quoting the legendary picture by Brasla, Emil’s Mischiefs (1985), and wishing the new film equal appreciation from the spectators as well as its quotes to become equally memorable. Besides, the President disclosed that he would be watching a film for the first time after having become a granddad himself, with this earning rapturous applause.

The Minister of Culture Dace Melbārde and the Head of the National Film Centre of Latvia Dita Rietuma also congratulated the makers of the film and the audience with the first film of the Centenary. The official part was hosted attractively by the actor Lauris Dzelzītis who has participated in the film Granddad More Dangerous than Computer, playing the part of Police Officer. The audience was also addressed by the performers of both the children parts – Markuss Jānis Eglītis congratulated everyone on the Centenary but Eva Ozola wished the film to have many spectators.

The team of makers of the film has already visited several film theatres in Riga and Latvia for meetings with spectators; the first meeting was held in 18 August in Kuldīga where the film was shot in the summer of 2016. The film crew has visited also Liepāja, Madona, Talsi, Valmiera, Cēsis and Rēzekne; another meeting with the spectators was held on 29 August at the Senior Show of the film theatre Splendid Palace, whereas other exhibitors are welcome to invite the makers of the film for a meeting by contacting its representatives at the studio F.O.R.M.A.

Noteworthy that the studio F.O.R.M.A, the producer and distributor of Granddad More Dangerous than Computer, has the greatest experience in Latvia in making of children films since it has produced The Little Robbers (2009) by Armands Zvirbulis and, another successful cooperation with Varis Brasla, Waterbomb for the Fat Tomcat  (2004).

Reportedly, Granddad More Dangerous than Computer tells about the city boy Oskars who spends a summer with his grandpa living in a small town. This is the first premiere within the programme of the National Film Centre of Latvia, Latvian Films for Latvian Centenary, out of 16 full-length films in production – six fiction, two animated and eight documentary films. The cycle of premieres will proceed in October and November with two documentaries – The Wounded Rider by Ilona Brūvere and Eight Stars by Askolds Saulītis.