On Friday, 18 September the San Sebastian International Film Festival opened in Spain with In the Dusk by the Lithuanian film classic Šarūnas Bartas co-produced by the Latvian production company Mistrus Media included in the Official Selection with the “Cannes 2020” brand. The film will be premiered in Latvia at the Riga International Film Festival on 18 October.

This year, the San Sebastian Film Festival, highly regarded by film professionals, takes place in close collaboration with the Cannes Film Festival, which did not take place in the usual format due to the global pandemic this year, but announced its official 2020 programme (56 out of 2,067 entries) and promised to help their distribution worldwide with the “Cannes 2020” brand. One such event is a selection of 17 Cannes films in San Sebastian – films previously selected for Cannes are included in various sections of the festival, six of them in the San Sebastian Official Selection (more information HERE).

In the Dusk by Šarūnas Bartas – a co-production of five countries, co-produced by Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Serbia – is one of the six such films next to the latest productions by François Ozone, Thomas Winterberg and other internationally known directors. The film’s Latvian producers are Gints Grūbe and Inese Boka-Grūbe, the production company Mistrus Media. Latvian professionals have an important part in the film crew of Šarūnas Bartas: Jurģis Krāsons, Jānis Kalniņš and Aivars Žukovskis as production designers, their team included Kristaps Kalsers, Jānis Bijubens, Rihards Bērziņš, Andris Komarovs, Jurģis Šeibaks, Romāns Dzjibaks, Romāns Dzjubenko, Sabīne Strauberga, Annika Vīķe, Olivers Sprincis; and Antra Gaile was the associate producer of the pre-production period.

Information about the film on the San Sebastian Film Festival site – HERE.

Šarūnas Bartas is one of the most internationally known Lithuanian film directors, his latest film In the Dusk tells about the post-World War II events in Lithuania in the first years of the Soviet occupation and the resistance of the national partisans, known as the Forest Brothers. The plot is set in 1948; the war has ended, but Lithuania is left in ruins. 19-year-old Untė is one of the national partisans resisting the Soviet occupation. They do not fight on equal terms, but this desperate struggle will determine the future of the whole nation. At the age of discovery of life, Untė meets violence and treachery. The lines are blurred between the burning passion of his youth and the cause for which he is fighting. He will invest himself wholeheartedly, even if it means losing his innocence.

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The premiere of the film in Latvia is planned on 18 October 2020 at the Riga International Film Festival (information on the screening here: ) and afterwards the film will be screened in Latvian film theatres, the film distribution platform TET has already obtained the rights to the film.

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