“Crossroad Street” in Riga Film Museum

In 2016, Riga Film Museum demonstrates a selection of Latvian classics, as well as newer films that have already proven to become a milestone in the history of Latvian cinema. The films are screened with English subtitles to allow foreigners to become acquinted with Latvian film classics. On December 1 “Crossroad Street” (1988) will be screened at the Riga Film Museum at 18:30, free of charge.

Crossroad Street is a small street, just 800 metres long, located in a suburb of Latvia’s capital city, Riga. The fates, everyday activities and neighbourly relations of various inhabitants of the street create a micromodel of society during the time of the national awakening. The film contains expressive characters, an affectionately ironic voice-over, a warm and sympathetic attitude of the filmmaker toward the heroes of the film and a real interest in the so-called ‘’everyman’’.
“Crossroad Street’’ is one of the most decorated films in Latvian cinema history. It is apparently simple and unpretentious, and this is precisely why the film has conquered Europe’s most demanding auditorium, receiving an award from the European Film Academy for best documentary film (1989) and other prestigious international awards. The original film has been followed by two sequels – “A New Era on Crossroad Street” (1999) and “Capitalism on Crossroad Street” (2013) – together creating a cinematic documentary novel.

“Crossroad Street” will be screened on Thursday, December 1 at the Riga Film Museum at 18:30, free of charge.
Address: Peitavas street 10 (entrance from Alksnāja street)
The project “Diagnoze – kino’’ is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation.


“Crossroad Street”, dir. Ivars Seleckis, documentary, 1988, 87’, Riga Film Studio