Baltic Film Days Gather over 1000 Spectators

The first Baltic Film Days, organized by the National Film Centre of Latvia, Estonian Film Institute and Lithuanian Film Centre, have gained wide public and media attention, gathering over 1000 spectators at the cinema “Splendid Palace” in Riga.

The first Baltic Film Days took place on the evenings of August 23 and 24 at the Big hall of the cinema “Splendid Palace” in Riga. The program consisted of four Baltic films – two from Lithuania (Seneca’s Day by Kristijonas Vildžiunas and Emilija by Donatas Ulvydas) and two from Estonia (The Secret Society of Souptown by Margus Paju and The Days that Confused by Triin Ruumet). The films were presented by filmmakers, producers and actors.

Celebrating the 28th anniversary of the Baltic Way, the Baltic Film Days were also held in Vilnius and Tallinn. In Lithuania, Latvia was represented by Renārs Vimba’s film Mellow Mud and Viestur Kairish’s The Chronicles of Melanie. In Estonia, Mellow Mud and Jānis Nord’s Mother, I Love You were screened. The films were screened in full houses, Vilnius welcomed the audiences at a cinema hall with 150 seats, Tallinn had screenings in halls with 181 and 72 seats. In Riga all the screenings took place at the Big hall of the cinema “Splendid Palace”.

The event was attended by the locals, as well as Estonians and Lithuanians. The audience was made up of children and students up to seniors, a wast variety of people was reached.

The Estonian film program was devoted to the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and to the upcoming 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia. However, the real celebration will take place next year, when the Centenary films of the neighbouring countries will be screened during the Baltic Film Days.