Art Film Fest 2019: Two Latvian Films in Main Competition

The Latvian production company Tasse Film will be competing against itself at the 27th Art Film Fest, which takes place 14 – 22 June 2019 in the Eastern Slovakia city of Kosice.

Oleg by Juris Kursietis Oleg by Juris Kursietis

In a film selection that otherwise has a strong Eastern flavour, Latvia can boast both Oleg directed by Juris Kursietis (a coproduction with Lithuania, Belgium and France) and the Russian/Latvian/Czech film The Humorist.

The TV and distribution company Film Europe, founded by Slovak native Ivan Hronec, is back with the Be2Can Starter selection of nine films from the top three European film festivals.

Films from the Central European region are spotlighted in the Neighbors Online section, and Slovak films once again have their own section, Slovak Season with a healthy selection of 16 films and an additional three films in a retrospective section. Slovak film director Marko Skop, who was a film journalist early in his career, has the honour of choosing six of his personal favourites for the Marko Skop Special section.

Main Competition:

Sons of Denmark (Denmark)
Directed by Ulaa Salim

Escape from Raqqa (France)
Directed by Emmanuel Hamon

The Day After I’m Gone (Israel)
Directed by Nimrod Eldar

A Tale of Three Sisters (Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Greece)
The Humorist by Michael IdovDirected by Emin Alper

Lillian (Austria)
Directed by Andreas Horvath

Let Me Fall (Iceland, Finland, Germany)
Directed by Baldvin Z

Still Human (China)
Directed by Oliver Chan

Mid90s (USA)
Directed by Jonah Hill

Monos (Columbia, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Uruguay)
Directed by Alejandro Landes

Oleg (Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania, France)
Directed by Juris Kursietis

Produced by Tasse Film (Latvia)
Coproduced by InScript (Lithuania), Iota Production (Belgium), Arizona Productions (France)

Tremors (Guatamala, France, Luxembourg)
Directed by Jayro Bustamante

The Humorist (Russia, Latvia, Czech Republic)
Directed by Michail Idov
Produced by Metrafilms (Russia), Sirena Film (Czech Republic), Tasse Film (Latvia)

Information: Film New Europe