Solving My Mother

Solving My Mother (Dotais lielums – mana māte), dir. Ieva Ozoliņa, 104’, Latvia, 2017

IDFA Special Jury Award for First Appearance, in honor of Peter Wintonick

Raitis (32) is a gifted PhD in mathematical sciences, and for years he has been unable to establish a relationship with women, because he feels psychologically dependent on his mother. He would like to revolt and break free, but his mother always finds a trivial distress to keep her son close. Recently, Raitis has become acquainted with the cheerful and extrovert Boris, who tries to inspire his friend to fight against the devastating effect of his mother’s love. Neither the filmmakers nor the protagonists know the outcome of the coming fight.

World Premiere 16.11.2017, IDFA (the Netherlands)
National Premiere 04.01.2018, Riga, Splendid Palace

Director Ieva Ozoliņa
Scriptwriter Ieva Ozoliņa
Cinematographer Mārcis Slavinskis
Editor Juris Poškus
Producer Madara Melberga

Production Company
Fa Filma
Bruņinieku iela 22-7, Rīga, LV1001, Latvia
Tel: + 371 6729 3319

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
State Culture Capital Foundation
Riga City Council
A/S Capital