Pigtail and Mr. Sleeplessness

Pigtail and Mr. Sleeplessness (Bize un Neguļa), dir. Edmunds Jansons, 25′, Latvia, 2017

Pigtail loves the winter holidays, but this year, shortly before Christmas, Brother comes into the world, turning everything upside down. Grandmother arrives from the countryside as Pigtail’s parents no longer have time to take her skating, but Pigtail and her best friend Mrs. Sleeplessness don’t like the new order. They come up with a plan – to send Brother and Grandmother to the Moon, in a bid to reclaim parental attention.

National Premiere 09.09.2017, Riga, Splendid Palace

Scriptwriter Lote Eglīte
Production Designer Reinis Pētersons
Original Music Ģirts Bišs
Editor Edmunds Jansons
Producer Sabīne Andersone

Production Company
Atom Art
Tērbatas 49/51–12, Rīga LV1011, Latvija
Tel: + 371 6761 2709

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
State Culture Capital Foundation