The Foundation Of Criminal Excellence

The Foundation Of Criminal Excellence (Kriminālās ekselences fonds), dir. Oskars Rupenheits, 121′, Latvia, 2018

The film follows a man’s hilarious search for inspiration for his screenplay about the criminal underworld. What begins as a few harmless cons turns into an elaborate heist, as the wannabe con artist and his reluctant companion find themselves more involved in crime than they ever imagined. With an entirely non-professional cast but entirely professional crew, this irreverent buddy comedy from first-time director Oskars Rupenheits was a surprise hit in the Latvian box Office.

National Premiere 02.02.2018, Riga, Kino Citadele

Scriptwriter Oskars Rupenheits
Cinematographer Juris Pīlēns
Production Designer Toms Jansons
Editor Oskars Rupenheits
Main Cast Lauris Kļaviņš, Andris Daugaviņš, Jana Rubīna, Juris Riekstiņš, Māris Mičerevskis
Producers Oskars Rupenheits, Juris Pīlēns

Production Companies  COMETE Films, OrderOrder, Juris Podnieks Studio