Liberation Day

Liberation Day (Atbrīvošanas diena), dir. Uģis Olte, Morten Traavik, 100’, Latvia/Norway, 2016

Latvian-Norwegian co-production, premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) in November, Latvian premiere set for spring 2017.

The ex-Yugoslavian cult band Laibach has been raising controversy ever since its foundation over 35 years ago. This is not only because of its music, which includes infamous covers such as Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil,” Opus’ “Live Is Life” and Queen’s “One Vision,” but also due to the striking visual language the band employs. Laibach incorporates elements from military and industrial films, and these, together with their clothing, give rise to both admiration and disgust. The band has even been accused of associations with Nazism. Ironically enough, the band was invited to play in Pyongyang, North Korea in celebration of the country’s Liberation Day. The film follows the members of the band, their entourage and artist and concert organizer Morten Traavik (also co-director of this film) from their arrival in North Korea until the concert. The preparations are hampered by a lack of technical facilities, cultural differences and constant interference from the censors. Meanwhile, international tensions are rising as propaganda loudspeakers are installed along the border with South Korea.

World Premiere 19.11.2016, IDFA (The Netherlands)

Production Company
VFS Films
Lapu iela 17, Rīga LV1002, Latvia
Tel: +371 6750 3588

Co-producer Norsk Fjernsyn AS (Norway)

Scriptwriter Uģis Olte
Cinematographer Valdis Celmiņš
Producer Uldis Cekulis

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia