Inga Can Hear

Inga Can Hear (Inga dzird), dir. Kaspars Goba, 60′, Latvia/Estonia, 2018

Inga Can Hear is a story about 15-year old Inga, a girl caught between two worlds. Being the only hearing member of a deaf family residing in the remote, poor Latvian countryside, Inga has been the family’s interpreter in the hearing world since the age of seven. Her role in the family has forced her to grow up very quickly and her personality fluctuates between a very responsible young woman and a moody teenager.
Inga is about to graduate from middle school and she has to take a decision on what to do next, a decision that will probably affect her whole life. Inga’s head is full of questions. To pursue a career as an actress? To become a fire-fighter? What will happen to the family, for whom she has sometimes been the only link to the outside world? And can Inga survive in the hearing world without her affectionate parents and the protective bubble of her family?

National Premiere 04.05.2018, Riga, Splendid Palace

Scriptwriter Kaspars Goba
Cinematographers Lelde Goba, Kaspars Goba, Māris Maskalāns
Editor Andris Grants
Producer Ieva Goba

Production Company
Elm Media
Piebalgas iela 19, Cēsis, LV 4101
+371 25440039

In Co-production with Exitfilm (Estonia)

Supported by
National Film Centre
State Culture Capital Foundation
Creative Europe
Estonian Film Fund