Eva (Eva), dir. Kristians Riekstiņš, 66′, Latvia, 2018


Eva – a beautiful, but meek young woman – arrives at an isolated country house where her husband Robert is lying in a coma recovering from injuries sustained in a mysterious accident in which they lost their apartment. Soon strange things start happening around the house and Eva becomes convinced that Robert is not actually unconscious and is out to harm her.

National premiere November 9, 2018

Scriptwriter Kristians Riekstiņš
Cinematographer Mārtiņš Jurevics
Editor Toms Krauklis
Main Cast Ieva Segliņa, Toms Liepājnieks, Lilita Ozoliņa, Marija Bērziņa
Producer Gints Grūbe

Production Company 
Mistrus Media
Blaumaņa iela 11/13-12, Rīga LV 1011, Latvija
Tel: +371 6731 3314 / +371 2945 5252

Supported by
State Culture Capital Foundation