Co-financing Fund

The Latvian Co-financing Fund is a co-financing programme administered by the National Film Centre of Latvia, which grants the filming of foreign films in Latvia co-financing through the State budget.
To apply for a tender, a cooperation agreement between the local co-production partner and the foreign film production company has to be signed.

Cash rebate of the total eligible expenses may be obtained if:
–    The film is either completely or partially shot in Latvia;
–    Film production services are provided by a natural or legal person registered in Latvia;
–    The total budget of the film is at least EUR 711 436 for full-length features or animations and at least EUR 142 287 for documentaries;
–    The available financing to the producer on the day of submitting the project is at least 50% of the total costs.

Percentage of rebate of the total eligible expenses made:
25 % rebate – if the storyline of the film took place in Latvia or the landscape or architecture of Latvia was used with identifying references about Latvia included;
20% rebate – if identifying references about Latvia were not included in the film, but services of businesses registered in Latvia were used.
Eligible expenses: film- related transport, location and technical equipment rentals, catering, accommodation, public facilities, construction facilities, artistic and administrative services, etc.
The exact amount of expenses will be determined and any payments will be made only after implementation of the film project.
For more info and the regulations please refer to Procedures for Granting Filming of Foreign Films.

Gradual increase of financial support is planned in the coming years. The financial instrument is approved by the European Commission.
The co-financing grant may be cumulated in addition to a Riga Film Fund grant, if together they do not exceed 25 % of public funding for a project.