National Film Centre’s Centenary’s Film Marathon

On Saturday, December 8, the National Film Centre will host a “Latvian Films for Latvian Centenary” film marathon at the “Splendid Palace” cinema – 14 feature-length films. It’s a celebration thanking the filmmakers and audiences who, in partnership, have enabled and continue to enable the Latvian Films for Latvian Centenary programme – a gift to Latvia of long-term significance. Read more

Latvian cinema celebrates National Film Award “Lielais Kristaps” winners

On November 12th the 2018 National Film Award ceremony was held at cinema Splendid Palace in Riga, Latvia. The awards were handed by an international jury comprised of cinema theoretician Dr. Yuri Tsivian (USA), Hollywood actress Rutanya Alda (USA), film critic Dr. Elīna Reitere (Germany), Riga International Film Festival artistic director Sonora Broka, film and theatre director Viesturs Kairišs and film producer Linda Krūkle. Read more

NFC Family Film Contest Results

The Latvian National Film Centre’s contest has now closed, and total support of EUR 1 240 417 is slated to be given to four feature-length fiction film projects with child, youth and family-friendly content. The films in progress offer a wide-ranging spectrum in content and artistic style and will hit the screens in 2019 and 2020. Read more

Audience Interest In Latvian Films Has Doubled

Results from a summary of local box office statistics for the first half of the year show impressively positive dynamics. During the first half of 2018, overall attendance for all newly released Latvian films exceeded 290,000 - almost 100,000 viewers more than in all of 2017. Films produced within the framework of the Latvian Films for Latvia’s Centennial programme, for which the audience has by now exceeded 206,000, is a notable part of this statistic. Read more