Riga Meetings

‘Riga Meetings’ in Foreign Press

‘European Film Awards Offer Latvia Chance to Push Co-productions’, Leo Barraclough, Variety ‘Cold weather, great movies’, Carmen Gray, Dazed ‘Tiny Latvia Looking West as Film Industry Expands’, Scott Roxborough, The Hollywood Reporter ‘Europe’s rich cinema talent in the frame at European Film Awards in Riga’, Wolfgang Spindler, Euronews ‘Riga Meetings put EFA-host Latvia in theLasiet vairāk

About ‘Riga Meetings’

“Riga Meetings” is a series of lectures and workshops aimed at film professionals, students, and film enthusiasts. In addition, it also includes screenings of Baltic films, as well as films directed by the participating lecturers. “Riga Meetings” takes place at the National Library of Latvia and cinema “Splendid Palace” from December 9 through 12.