Elīna Vaska – Latvia’s “Shooting Star”

Elīna Vaska always stands up straight. She has an open yet deep and mysterious look in her eye. She observes directly, seeing through things and looking inward. Her fearlessness is almost scary, and one feels pride for her. There is something archetypically Latvian about her, something ancient. And yet she is very much of thisLasiet vairāk

Jānis Streičs

Film director and scriptwriter Jānis Streičs was born on September 26, 1936, in Preiļi parish. He completed is elementary education at Gailīši Elementary School in Rušona Parish, and graduated from Rēzekne pedagogical school in 1955 before working as a teacher and in amateur theatre; he served in the Soviet Army in the Voronezh area ofLasiet vairāk

Herz Frank

(17.01.1926.-3.03.2013.) One of the most famous documentary filmmakers of Latvia who at the beginning of 1960 was among the first to establish the so-called Riga poetic documentary school – the Latvian “new wave”. Since then Herz Frank’s filmography includes more than 80 films, many of which have justly been included in the golden funds ofLasiet vairāk

Aigars Grauba

KING’S RING Ilze Auzāne Director Aigars Grauba on his would-be film about king Namejs: “King’s Ring” will be a contemporary historical drama. “When I turned 18, it was in the soviet times, my mother gave me Namejs’ ring as a present; it was made of a silver five lats coin from the time when LatviaLasiet vairāk

Renārs Vimba

  IT IS WARMER HERE! Ilze Auzāne Director Renārs Vimba offers a story about those who stay in Latvia. “In order to make a film one needs great deal of patience because things will happen when they happen,” his experience is shared by the young Latvian film director Renārs Vimba whose road to his firstLasiet vairāk

Juris Kursietis

True to Reality Kristīne Giluce Director Juris Kursietis enters into the fiction film genre convincingly — his emotionally-charged debut drama, “Modris”, is a true European-scale tour de force, powerfully capturing both the vulnerability and the responsibility of raising a child, and the cracks in communication in society. Juris Kursietis surprises with pointed and skilful useLasiet vairāk

Dāvis Sīmanis

From Behind the Listening Post Ilze Auzāne Currently he’s working on his first fiction feature, “My Peaceful Place of Exile”, where the action takes place by the shores of the Kurzeme region at the end of WW1. “During the autumn of existence,” adds the director, whose previous films (documentaries) have gained recognition both in LatviaLasiet vairāk

Signe Baumane

  ROCKS IN SIGNE’S POCKETS Viktors Freibergs The film by director and artist Signe Baumane „Rocks in My Pockets” represents Latvia in competition for American Academy award Oscar Additional information: Signe Baumane‘s blog: The Latvian Signe Baumane has been mostly living and working in New York since 1995. This city is her placeLasiet vairāk

Laila Pakalniņa

  DAWN Daira Āboliņa A work in progress: Laila Pakalniņa’s film “Dawn” representing themes from the destroyed film by Sergey Eisenstein about son, father and betrayal. Laila Pakalniņa is one of the best known Latvian film directors working in documentary and feature film genre. At the end of 1980s she began her film career afterLasiet vairāk

Ivars Seleckis

Kristīne Matīsa Film director and cinematographer Ivars Seleckis is the oldest documentary filmmaker in Latvia who is still actively working – the premiere of his latest film was just three weeks before his 80th birthday. His filmography is like a bridge connecting the modern day with the legendary past of the Latvian documentary tradition, andLasiet vairāk