Rolands Kalniņš – director

With his 1967 film Cetri Balti Krekli (#FourWhiteShirts), the Latvian director #RolandsKalniņš presented a subtle critique of the Soviet totalitarian regime via musical comedy. It was banned from screens for twenty years, shown in public for the first time in 1986 and restored in 2017 to mark the filmmaker's 95th birthday. In 2018 the film was part of Festival de Cannes Classics program." Read more

Elīna Vaska – Latvia’s “Shooting Star”

Elīna Vaska always stands up straight. She has an open yet deep and mysterious look in her eye. She observes directly, seeing through things and looking inward. Her fearlessness is almost scary, and one feels pride for her. There is something archetypically Latvian about her, something ancient. And yet she is very much of this century. She is aristocratic in her human simplicity. Read more

Jānis Streičs – director

Film director and scriptwriter Jānis Streičs was born on September 26, 1936, in Preiļi parish. He completed is elementary education at Gailīši Elementary School in Rušona Parish, and graduated from Rēzekne pedagogical school in 1955 before working as a teacher and in amateur theatre; he served in the Soviet Army in the Voronezh area of Russia. Following his service, he moved to Rīga and in the late autumn of 1959 enrolled in the Latvian State Conservatory Theatre Faculty directing department. Read more

Herz Frank – director

One of the most famous documentary filmmakers of Latvia who at the beginning of 1960 was among the first to establish the so-called Riga poetic documentary school – the Latvian “new wave”. Since then Herz Frank’s filmography includes more than 80 films, many of which have justly been included in the golden funds of Latvian film history. During his life Herz Frank has received Life contribution award in cinema, among which is also the recognition by the Latvian National film festival (2001). Read more