Several dimensions of Latvian cinema

Latvian cinema is currently experiencing an active period of creativity. In fact, this is the most intense period of work in recent Latvian cinema history. Since independence was restored in the early 1990s, filmmaking in Latvia has gradually picked up speed, and the approaching centennial celebrations in 2018 have provided additional motivation for the film industry. At over 9 million euros, funding for the sector in 2017 is the highest since restoration of independence. Read more

Current Developments in Latvian Animation

2017 has kicked off with unprecedented activity for Latvian animated films. The year begins with the premiere in the Generation KPlus section at the Berlinale of Singing Hugo and his Incredible Adventures, a film by the Rija studio and director Reinis Kalnaellis. And the year is set to continue with intensive filmmaking and many more premieres. Read more

Why film in Latvia?

From its location in the middle of the Baltic States, Latvia leads the region in state and local government support for international film productions. Latvia has two funding schemes, one run by the National Film Center and the other, the Riga Film Fund, specifically for productions shooting on location in the capital city of Latvia. Since 2016 both schemes have operated an open deadline for submissions, for 2017 the amount of available funding exceeds 1,5 million euros. Read more

Latvian Audiovisual Landscape

It is commonly accepted that any country’s strength in film is often measured by the success of its feature films. However, the history of cinema starts with documentary filmmaking, as it did in France with the Lumière brothers in 1895. Only 15 years later film appeared in Latvia when Aleksandrs Stanke captured Tsar Nicholas II on film during his visit to Riga. Read more