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Poetry and analysis. Four new feature-length documentaries

Documentary film is the foundation of Latvian cinema – so it has been historically, and we are proud of it. But what’s even more important is that Latvian documentary film remains relevant today and that directors representing different generations continue to present their perspective of the world around us. Poetry and analysis are the two main postulates that make Latvian documentary film unique and recognised around the world. Read more

Producer Aija Bērziņa: Looking For New Crossroads

The film production company Tasse Film was founded seven years ago. At its core were the two young producers Aija Bērziņa and Alise Ģelze, who had already gained recognition on the international cinema scene. The company’s first feature-length film was Renārs Vimba’s debut work Mellow Mud / Es esmu šeit (2016), which won the main prize at the Berlin International Film Festival in the Generation Kplus competition. This was already the second Crystal Bear in this competition for Ģelze, who had won it previously as a producer for Jānis Nords’ feature film Mother, I Love You / Mammu, es tevi mīlu (2013). Read more

The triumphant advance of feature-length animation

A gradual increase in funding and growth in capacity of the local film industry over the past few years has led to an unprecedented achievement: six feature-length animation films are currently being produced in Latvia and its partner countries. The first premiere will take place in 2018 as part of the National Film Centre’s Latvian Films for the Latvian Centenary programme. More will come in 2019 and thereafter. Read more