Bridges of Time

Bridges of Time (Laika tilti), dir. Kristīne Briede, Audrius Stonys, 80', Latvia/Lithuania/Estonia, 2018 Read more

My Father The Spy

My Father The Spy (Spiegs, kurš mans tēvs), dir. Gints Grūbe and Jaak Kilmi, 58'/85', Latvia, 2019 Read more

My Unknown Soldier

My Unknown Soldier (Čehoslovākijas nepateiktais stāsts), dir. Anna Krivenko, 60', Latvia/Czech Republic, 2018 Read more

To Be Continued

To Be Continued (Turpinājums), dir. Ivars Seleckis, 95', Latvia, 2018
One of the most eminent Baltic documentarian Ivars Seleckis takes a curious and tender look at children and their families. Read more