Awesome Beetle’s Colors

Awesome Beetle’s Colors, dir. Indra Sproģe, 2’57”, Latvia, 2016 Educational animation film was awarded Annecy jury prize in the Commissioned Films category

How I Gave Up Smoking

How I Gave Up Smoking (Kā es atmetu smēķēšanu), dir. Jurģis Krāsons, 11’, Latvia, 2016


Minotaur (Mīnotaurs), dir. Kārlis Vītols, 8’30”, Latvia, 2016

Piglet’s Journey

Piglet’s Journey (Ruksīša ceļojums), dir. Dace Rīdūze, 13′, Latvia, 2016

Singing Hugo and His Incredible Adventures

(Dziedošais Hugo un viņa neticamie piedzīvojumi), dir. Reinis Kalnaellis, 8’30”, Latvia, 2017 To be premiered at the Generation KPlus section of the Berlinale.

Waiting for the New Year

Waiting for the New Year (Gaidot Jauno gadu), dir. Vladimir Leschiov, 8′, Latvia, 2016 International premiere at the Annecy Animated Film Festival, Official selection