Take-Off (Pacelšanās), dir. Signe Birkova, 10′, Latvia, 2016

Experimental animation film with no computer-generated effects used in it.

An urban pleasure trip of a lonely cowboy is violently interrupted. This disruption initializes a wave of vivid imagery in his subconsciousness, and he undergoes a process of painful purification being transformed into a black doll.

National Premiere 30.03.2016, Rīga, Kino Bize

Scriptwriter Signe Birkova
Cinematographer Signe Birkova
Artist Signe Birkova
Animator Signe Birkova
Sound Director Ernests Ansons
Editor Signe Birkova
Producer Jānis Putniņš

Production Company
Camera Obscura
Zaļā iela 10-4, Rīga LV1010, Latvia
Tel: +371 2630 6688

Supported by
State Culture Capital Foundation