Eduards Berklavs – Man of Ideas

Eduards Berklavs – Man of Ideas (Eduards Berklavs – Idejas cilvēks), dir. Edvīns Šnore, 40′, Latvia, 2015

A film about Eduards Berklavs (1914 – 2004), a renowned Latvian politician and activist, and one of the architects of the restoration of independent Latvia. Berklavs began his career as a Communist revolutionary. When he became a member of the Soviet nomenclature, he was faced with the grim reality of the Communist rule in Latvia, and soon became disillusioned. Unable to overcome his idealist principles, he was removed from his posts and sent to Siberia. But even exile did not break Berklavs. When he returned to his homeland, he joined the independence movement and became one of its leaders.

National Premiere 2015

Production Company
Jaunrades Fonds
Merķeļa Str. 13, Rīga, LV1050, Latvia
Tel: +371 6722 6267; +371 2944 1008

Scriptwriter Edvīns Šnore
Cinematographer Edvīns Šnore
Producer Edvīns Šnore

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia